The Farley Foundation

Since 2001, the Farley Foundation has been assisting people in need by subsidizing the cost of veterinary care for their beloved pets.  Established by the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA), the Foundation has since expanded to also assist the pets of at-risk women who are participating in OVMA’s SafePet Program.  The Farley Foundation honours the human-animal bond and seeks to help those who truly benefit the most from pet ownership.

The Bracelet of Hope

By placing a bracelet on the wrist of every Canadian, Bracelet of Hope will strive to end the AIDS pandemic in Lesotho by raising funds and awareness with the campaign’s signature symbol – the Bracelet of Hope.

The Children’s Foundation of Guelph & Wellington

The Children’s Foundation provides financial assistance for kids in Guelph & Wellington County so that they can experience parts of childhood that many of us take for granted.  These kids are currently in family situations that limit their ability to access sports and recreation activities, summer camp, post-secondary education, and even sometimes having the nutrition they need to learn at school.  GAH proudly supports the Adopt-A-Family Program, and was a founding sponsor of Live Free Campaign.

The Guelph Humane Society

The Guelph Humane Society (GHS) has been sheltering and rescuing animals in the Guelph/ Wellington Communities since 1893. Each year the GHS cares for approximately 3000 animals in need. Not only do they provide animal sheltering and adoption services but also provide regular veterinary care and a progressive spay/ neuter program.

The Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society

The Kitchener-Waterloo Humane Society (KWHS) is one of the largest humane societies in Ontario. Over 18,000 square feet of space allows them to hold 62 dogs, 119 cats and an assortment of birds, small mammals and reptiles. In emergency situations the Centre can be quickly altered to house up to 400 animals. The KWHS also provides humane education, law enforcement, and sheltering of animals in the community.

Pet Trust

The Ontario Veterinary College (OVC) Pet Trust is an organization which honours the relationship between pets, their people and veterinary care givers.  They do this by raising funds and supporting education.  Funding from OVC Pet Trust has led to major improvements in anesthesia and pain control for pets, heart disease and heart monitoring techniques, dermatology and understanding the human-animal bond as well as enhanced the quality of care provided at the OVC Teaching Hospital.

Lion’s Club Guide Dogs

The Lion’s Foundation of Canada raises funds to help train dog guides for Canadians who have visual, hearing, physical or other medical disabilities.  Together with local volunteers, they organize charity walks and other fundraising events.  Through donations and sponsorships, 100% of the funds raised go directly to the work of training and providing dog guides.  Since inception, the foundation has raised more than $7 million and provided specially trained dog guides to more than 1600 men, women and children throughout Canada to assist them with their mobility, safety and independence.

Sunrise Therapeutic Riding Centre

Since 1982, Sunrise Therapeutic Riding Centre has provided high quality therapy, recreation, sport and life skills training for both children and adults with physical and developmental disabilities.  Therapeutic riding has been proven to be beneficial both psychologically and socially by delivering a combination of therapy, recreation and animal care to those with special needs.  Results of the program include the development of muscle strength, flexibility, improvement of balance, mobilization, improved learning skills and concentration, socialization, and increased self-esteem.

Guelph Police Canine Unit

The Guelph Police Canine Unit provides increased foot patrols in higher crime areas of Guelph as well as at selected parks, river paths and industrial/commercial areas.  It also contributes to building relationships between police and young members of the community by developing lesson plans and making presentations to schools and neighbourhood groups throughout the city.  The Guelph Police Canine Unit is funded entirely by community partners throughout the community, whose generous contributions help to train and prepare the special dogs that make up the unit.