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Client Care Specialists


Cynthia joined 1999


Cynthia has rejoined our client care specialist team Cynthia and Charliepart-time after an extended maternity leave with her second son Eric. Cynthia has been with Guelph Animal Hospital since 1999 and is excited to see all the familiar clients and pets as well as meeting all the new ones.

In her spare time (which is limited these days), she enjoys reading, playing monster trucks with her two boys, Richard and Eric, and having dinner out with her hubby Greg.








Angela joined 2015


Angela, Chip & MatildaAngela joined our team in November 2015 with a house full of senior pets in her care Momo 10yrs-rescued from house fire at 8 weeks of age, Chip -10 year old beagle/spaniel, also epileptic, Matilda aka Tilley – Beagle that is almost 15 years old now, adopted from GHS after waiting at the shelter for 6 months to find her forever home. The two beagles bonded immediately and while Momo loves his canine siblings, he is absolutely the head of this pack. In her spare time you can find Angela spending time with her pets and spouse Rob, as well as enjoying running, music, comedy, reading.

Angela’s pets have utilized many services her at Guelph Animal Hospital including manual therapy adjustments which have helped keep all three of her senior pets in great shape. She’s also looked after their oral health care needs with all three having dental surgery in the last year. Angela and Chip are working with Dr Smolkin with an alternative herbal solution therapy- Angela will keep us all posted.




Jillian joined 2016


Jillian and LokiJillian joined our team in November 2016 and has most recently been cross-trained to help in treatment as a Veterinary Assistant. In her spare time she enjoys playing ringette, baseball and taking Loki for a swim or hike. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends however Loki gets top billing. Loki is a 5.5 year old Labrador X Golden. Full of personality, affectionate and well behaved service dog flunkie. Loves to carry around his bowl, and the occasional shoe. Will swim for hours, or snuggle on the couch with you, always a good boy! Jack Daniels – 6 year old Persian with a permanent grumpy face. Don’t be fooled though, Mr.J.Daniels is typical, if I fit I sit personality, continually purring and will snuggle at his leisure. JD loves to play!

With the help of our medical team Jack Daniel’s had eye & dental surgery and found his forever home with Jillian. Together Jillian and the DVMS have been working closely to find the proper diet for a “healthy digestive” system– we are all happy this grumpy faced cat is “regular”.




Laura joined 2017


Laura and Blue
Laura joined the team in May 2017 as a part-time student from the University of Guelph. Laura is cross trained as a Veterinary Assistant being pulled from the front desk on occasions to help with our furry patients in the treatment area.









Tara joined 2017


Tara and Corona
Tara joined the team in November 2017, working in a Client Care Specialist capacity along with bringing her keen eye for all things Social Media. Tara is a mother of two lovely girls that keep her busy between extra curricular activities dancing and gymnastics. Stop by and let Tara know how you like the Social Media posts and campaigns.









Jenna joined 2018
Jenna and Petey
Jenna joined the team in January 2018 as a University of Guelph student. Jenna is working on cross training as a Veterinary Assistant which will allow us to pull her from her duties as a Client Care Specialist on occasions to help with our furry patients in the treatment area. In her spare time Jenna enjoys hiking with her dog Petey, his nickname is Petey the Pig/frog as he snorts, has a pink snout and lays like a frog. Jenna also enjoys going to the gym, hanging out with her friends and listening to good music. Petey has been treated by Dr Renee Fleming for a rash which was treated with antibotics as well as Topagen to deter mosquitos from feast on Petey since during their hikes Petey ventures off into the tall grass off trail.







Joel joined 2018


Joel and Phineas
Joel joined the team in May 2018 as a Veterinary Assistant and Client Care Specialist. Joel has extensive exotic animal experience and has worked at multiple zoos as a zookeeper, animal trainer and has done animal conservation outreach. A recent graduate from the University of Guelph in the Zoology program, Joel aspires to attend OVC and become an exotic and wildlife rescue veterinarian.
Joel has a rescued retired Greyhound named Phineas who raced in West Virginia prior to his new career, the world’s fastest couch potato. He also has a recently adopted stray cat named Eleven who, like her name, came out of the forest and is quite the Stranger Thing.








Diana RVT joined 2005


Diana and ReeseDiana has been with the Guelph Animal Hospital team since 2005 as a full-time R.V.T. after graduating from St Lawrence College in Kingston. Diana has a keen interest in hematology (blood work) and anesthesia. Toward the end of 2010 Diana took on the added challenge of becoming our Lead Technician, adding additional administrative tasks to her role to help further assist in making sure that each pet receives the same high standard of care. In her spare time, Diana enjoys camping, reading and spending time with her cat, “Eddie” and new addition Reese, a fun loving rescued Doberman puppy.







Stacey RVT joined 2010


Stacey joined the Guelph Animal Hospital team in 2010. She worked previously as a dental assistant but decided to go back to school to pursue her true passions in the veterinary field. After graduating from Georgian College in 2007, Stacey worked for 3 years at a small animal practice in Brantford. Looking to expand her veterinary experience, Stacey worked for a few other clinics in the surrounding area. Nothing seemed to fit perfectly so Stacey applied for a position at Guelph Animal Hospital. After a working interview, Stacey fell in love with the clinic and we fell in love with her!
When she’s not at the clinic working hard, Stacey can be found at home with her Husband ‘Mark’ and Daughter ‘Brooke’ along with her furry ones “Preudence” the pug, “Pinot” the cat , and her yellow lab “Vera” In her free time Stacey enjoys reading, cooking/baking, camping, and hiking.




Sadie RVT joined 2015
Sadie and Poopie
Sadie joined the Guelph Animal Hospital in March of 2015.  Sadie graduated in 2011 from Sheridan College with high honours.   Several weeks after graduating, traveled to South Africa with Veterinary Nurses in the wild to participate CLAW (Community Lead Animal Welfare), catch and release programs as well as leisurely activities like safaris and abseiling.

Upon returning from trip, accepted a job in a small animal clinic located in Mississauga, where I was able pursue my passion and expand my knowledge and skills as a surgical technician.

Sadie has a passion for radiology and pain management and is currently living in Fergus with her partner, a rambunctious German Shepherd named Charlie and a practically perfect cat named Ruby (Poopie), who she loves to bits.

In her spare time, enjoys cuddling with the fur babies, spending time at the trailer with her partner, baking, playing video/board games with friends and sampling craft beer!
Any suggestions let her know when you see her :)

Julie RVT joined 2017
Julie and Sunny

Julie joined the Guelph Animal Hospital team in July 2017. Since joining our team it is hard to recall what life was like without her! In her spare time Julie enjoys hanging out with her animals, paying sports(soccer & snowboarding) as well a spending time reading.
In the near future Julie will be parading her four legged family members in to meet our Veterinary team, two dogs Shaq and Winston as well as two cats named Sunny and Zeppelin. All were adopted from shelters and they are the best companions.







Whitney RVT joined 2017
Fear Free Certified ProfessionalWhitney and Payton
Whitney joined the team in September 2017 as an RVT. With a special interest in wildlife care and rehabilitation she completed an internship at the Toronto Wildlife Center post graduation. There she was working with the Veterinary team assisting in assessment, treatment and surgeries as well as overseeing a group of volunteers in the nursery, teaching to feed young squirrels, chipmunks and birds.

Whitney has one 12 year old long haired pretty kitty name Payton whom she adopted at the Upper Credit Humane Society in 2006. She is missing most her teeth due to some resorptive lesions but is doing great despite the lack there of.

In her spare time, Whitney enjoys rock climbing, camping, bon fires and exploring new hiking trails; drop by and suggest some new hiking spots!




Katrina RVT joined 2018


Katrina and Koan
Katrina joined our team in April 2018 as an RVT when she moved to the city of Guelph from her hometown of Mississauga. Growing up she enjoyed spending her spring and summer months fostering kittens as well as rehabilitating wildlife such as baby squirrels, rabbits, and birds, which encouraged Katrina to pursue her passion for animal healthcare. Since joining the Guelph Animal Hospital team she has been very excited to further her education in laser therapy, fear-free practices, and more integrative therapies. Currently, Katrina cares for two energetic cats named Koan and Finnegan, both of whom are her beloved rescues. Koan, pictured here, is a rambunctious orange tabby who plays fetch, comes when he is called and will happily greet almost anyone who comes to the door (making him more like a dog than your typical cat sometimes). When Katrina isn’t trying to wrangle these two kitties, she enjoys camping, hiking, swimming, and horseback riding.



Katie joined 2014


Fear Free Certified Professional
Katie and ZoeKatie joined the Guelph Animal Hospital team in July 2014 as a full-time Client Care Specialist and transitioned in 2016 to work in our treatment area as our Veterinary Technician working hand in hand with our RVTs and DVMs. In 2018 Katie will be starting her formal education toward becoming a Registered Veterinary Technician, and we are so excited to challenge her learning. In 2009 she attended the University of Guelph and studied Zoology. Katie went on to work at African Lion Safari as an Animal Care Attendant, where she worked hands on with lions, giraffes, rhinos, and many other exotic animals.

When Katie is not working, she enjoys spending time with her husband, Kyle, and their three cats, Zoe, Eddie and Sir Odin. She loves playing the piano, spending time with her family, and watching old Disney movies (her favourite is the Lion King).




Caitlin RVT joined 2018


Caitlin and Nutmeg








Hospital Administrator

Fear Free Certified-ProfessionalSue joined 2015 CVPM
Sue and Gryffin

Sue joined our team in October 2015, with 20+ years’ experience in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries as a key contributor in the areas of Distribution/Warehousing, Production Planning, Logistics Control, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance demonstrating superior leadership, initiative, creativity and customer service excelling in an environment that believes in Continuous improvement of systems, processes, people and program.
LOGISTICS: Expertise in the analysis and implementation of systems, processes and talent that align with unique business requirements, customer expectations and vendor deliverables with proven success in finding the right balance of flexibility and controls.

LEADERSHIP: Using an approach that educates, communicates and stretches individuals and teams to grow and embrace the evolving business and system changes necessary to achieve business goals

OPERATIONAL EFFECTIVENESS: Assessing root cause(s) and systemic issues within the process design which impact the ability to move forward with continuous improvement initiatives. Always utilizing the strength of the cross functional team approach and the willingness of the company to perform at peak performance. Evaluating People, Process and Tools to design the best solutions.

Sue lives in Cambridge with her family consisting of many fur friends Gryffin as seen in the picture with her, Ali the largest dog and biggest baby, Dyson joined the pack in April 2016 after coming with Dr Fleming from St Lucia, feline members of the household are Trey, Chuck Norris, Mama and Rosie and as expected there are humans that are assigned to tend to the four legged loves of her life. Sue enjoys swimming, reading, listening to music and loves challenging people with movie references.

We like to utilize Sue as our “in house” client ensuring we continue to strive to provide the best medicine and effectively communicate with the people that love our patients. Drop in and meet Sue, she’s here to improve our practice and ensure that you are receiving the quality of care that you have come to expect from our Amazing Team. Sue’s email address is [email protected] and is always available to meet with our clients.


The Puppy Tutor is Here!

Leslie, The Puppy Tutor

Leslie originally started at the Guelph Animal Hospital in 1991 after graduating with honours from the VT program at Seneca College and achieving a Bachelor of Science at the University of Toronto.  After spending many years with us, Leslie switched to an exclusively feline environment at the Guelph Cat Clinic and tried her hand in the research industry in a facility involving pet nutrition.  Following a two year stint at the research facility, she rejoined our team in the fall of 2008.

Leslie also has a special interest in canine and feline behavior and attends behavior and training seminars annually.  She has been an obedience instructor for over 20 years, and is a licensed obedience judge.  Leslie competes in obedience and agility with her Miniature Schnauzers and has several titles in both.  In fact, she is ranked both provincially and nationally!  This led to her new venture in 2013 when she decided to leave her technician role with us to start her own behaviour business in 2013.  You can still see Leslie here during puppy kindergarten and occasionally helping us out when we need it.

Leslie lives in Guelph with Scotty and 4 Miniature Schnauzers.  In her spare time, she enjoys gardening, golfing and bike riding.  She is also an avid reader and is keen on any murder mystery suggestions that you can throw her way