Conventional Therapy

At Guelph Animal Hospital we seek to provide our patients with the most current medical and surgical options available.  We partner with you, our client, to help keep your pet healthy and when necessary can design a treatment plan that is individualized to you and your pet.  Our veterinarians and health care team are involved in on-going continuing education so that we can provide up to date information to our clients and maintain a high standard of care for our patients.

Our hospital is equipped with on-site diagnostic equipment such as digital radiography, in-house blood analysers and diagnostic ultrasound.  We have a modern veterinary pharmacy, dental suite and high tech surgical and therapeutic lasers to offer a variety of treatment options.

Wellness Care & Vaccinations
We have programs designed for all stages of your pet’s life from puppies and kittens to adult and senior pets. Whether you choose only select services for your pet’s care or one of our wellness packages, regular yearly exams focus on keeping your pet healthy and confronting problems before they get out of hand.
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Good dental health is a cornerstone of your pet’s overall health.  It aids in the prevention of oral disease, which can lead to a host of dangerous health conditions.  At Guelph Animal Hospital we recommend that a thorough dental exam be conducted on your pet at least once a year.  Our trained professionals provide a number of veterinary dental services for our patients including dental prophy (cleaning), scaling and polishing as well as dental radiography.  We are happy to take care of all of your pet’s oral health care needs.
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Nutrition & Weight Management
Good nutrition and a healthy weight are key components to your pet’s life and longevity.  At Guelph Animal Hospital we offer a variety of nutritional and weight counseling services.  We have a free nutritional counseling program – called SLIMFIT – that will help your pet reach his or her ideal weight.  Each member of our staff has undertaken extensive training to help ensure that they can properly educate you on how to help your pet reach a healthy weight!
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Behavioural Consultation
Our staff of experts is ready and willing to assist our valued clients with a variety of unwanted pet behaviours.  Whether it’s aggression, anxiety, inappropriate urination or simple crate training, we’ll work with you to get it resolved!  Our behavioural consultations vary in length and are tailored to each individual animal’s needs and situation.  Whatever problem you and your pet are facing, call us – we can help.
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Laser Surgery
Laser surgery is a surgical alternative which provides a less painful procedure and faster healing time for your pet. It works by administering an intense beam of light at a very high temperature that is able to vaporize the water in tissue. This process removes only a very small amount of supportive tissue when compared to conventional surgeries performed with a scalpel. The Guelph Animal Hospital is happy to offer laser surgery for our patients as a progressive alternative to conventional surgery.
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Just as with humans, animals can suffer from a number of different illnesses and conditions that cannot be seen on the surface of the skin.  That’s why good diagnostic tools are so important.  They help us to delve deeper in order to identify, diagnose and develop appropriate treatment options in a timely manner.  At Guelph Animal Hospital we offer a wide array of state-of-the-art diagnostic services including blood pressure monitoring, cardiology, radiology, ophthalmology and ultrasonography.  We also feature an in-house laboratory which allows us to get the results of our diagnostic testing with speed and accuracy.
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Therapeutic Laser Treatments
At Guelph Animal Hospital, we pride ourselves in providing the most up to date services and treatments. We most recently added a therapeutic laser to our hospital to provide your pet with the latest technology in healing! Therapeutic laser treatment is a non-invasive and painless treatment for a number of conditions and symptoms. The laser treats tissue underneath the skin by emitting a wave length of light to effectively increase circulation, promote healing and reduce pain and inflammation.
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Aggressive cancer therapy may require more elaborate diagnostics, chemotherapy, radiation therapy or other specialized procedures that often can be performed right at Guelph Animal Hospital, or when necessary – a referral to a specialty clinic can be arranged.  Our goal is to provide you with the necessary information you need and help you make the best decisions (for both you and your pet) when it comes to treating cancer.
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Our convenient in-house pharmacy can provide your pet with most of the medications prescribed by our veterinarians. If we do not carry it in stock we often can order it quickly or can provide a prescription for you to use at a local pharmacy.  We even have access to a special veterinary formulating pharmacy that can make medications in all different forms and flavors for those pets that are particularly difficult to medicate.  In addition to this we offer a wide variety of nutritional and other natural supplements that may benefit your pet.
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