Good Dental Health Starts Here

Dirty Teeth? Smelly Breath? Try These!

We all know how important it is to take care of our teeth, and the same principles apply to our pets’ teeth as well. It would be so easy if our pets could brush and floss their own teeth but the responsibility falls upon their loving owners. Many options are available to help ensure your pet’s mouth is clean and fresh, here are some easy to use products:


Virbac CET Chews for cats and dogs are treated with an enzyme which helps to break down and prevent plaque on their teeth, and they taste great! When used as part of a daily dental routine they can help reduce signs of dental disease. $11.22-$32.28


The Toothcleaner toy from Hunter is a fun and easy way to clean your dog’s teeth while they play! The rubber nubs and small spaces brush your dog’s teeth as they chew, providing a mechanical plaque removal system. $13-$15


 Medi-Cal Medi-Chews are a great tasting chew for dogs that provides mechanical and enzymatic tartar control. They also have anti-bacterial green tea extracts which help promote nice breath! $8.02-$12.00


The best way to help prevent dental disease is to brush your pet’s teeth daily (just like our own!). CET makes a variety of yummy toothpaste flavours and different types of toothbrushes to ensure that you can find the one that makes brushing time as easy as possible. $4.76-$8.86

 All of these items are available in the Guelph Animal Hospital boutique, come and speak with a staff member about which one would be best for your pet!

Sara – Boutique Specialist

The Dreaded Task of Clipping Nails

How To Trim Your Pet’s Nails

When starting to trim your pet’s nails, make sure to start slow.  Start by handling the paws and feeding them treats to make it a pleasant experience.  Choose clippers that you are comfortable using.  There are two types to choose from, guillotine or scissor

nail-cutters-200x200                            scissors                          Guillotine                                                                          Scissor


  1. Have everything you need ready.  Clippers, treats, clotting powder such as Kwik Stop (this is used to stop the bleeding if you cut too short).
  2. Have your pet nice and relaxed before beginning.
  3. Hold the paw firmly and choose which nail you would like to trim.  Identify the quick (contains nerves and blood flow).

pad-200x195  nail-200x200  nails2-200x179

4. Use the clippers to cut the nail within a few millimeters of the quick.  If you have a pet with dark nails, use small cuts.  As you get closer to the quick you will notice a grayish val
nails3-200x200within the nail.  Stop cutting at this point.

5. If you cut too short, use the Kwik Stop powder to stop the bleeding.  Place the powder directly on the quick.   6. If your pet is being extremely patient, you could even try filing or dremling the nails afterwards to make them nice and smooth.

If you are finding that nail trimming is not for you, give us a call and book an appointment with a technician.

Meaghan RVT

Buying or Adopting a Pet in the Age of Kijiji

Buying or Adopting a Pet in the Age of KijijiIt is becoming more and more common for me to see pets that were acquired (bought or adopted) from kijiji or other online classified site. I think that it is great that there are so many ways to re-home a pet so less animals end up in shelters, but I think it is an area where many people get taken advantage of. It breaks my heart to see someone pay for or adopt a pet that is a different age, breed, or health status then that which was advertised. So, if you are the Kijiji surfing type, here are a couple pieces of advice to consider before jumping into the commitment.
Let’s put this in perspective of buying a car:

1) Check Carfax! You would never buy a used car without seeing a history of the accidents and mechanical problems, so you should be able to see the pet’s medical history from its previous veterinarian. I would love to say that everyone out there is honest, but some people are trying to offload a pet that has been diagnosed with an expensive condition that they don’t want to deal with. I also sadly see people being dishonest with the age of the pet, knowing that younger pets are easier to get adopted than older ones. You should be allowed to know what you are getting into.

2) Have a pre-sale inspection! If the pet has not been to a vet more recently than in the last year, are the sellers willing to take it for a health check? Alternatively, would they allow you to take the pet in to your veterinarian for a check-up before you commit? This would allow you to be aware of big ticket problems such as advanced dental disease and be aware what you are looking at cost wise.

3) Take it for a test drive! Are you able to do a trial period in your home? You want to ensure that the pet you are adopting is a good fit for your home and lifestyle. Some pets thrive on a busy household, others require a quiet laid-back pace. To avoid the pet requiring another rehoming, it’s best to know that its personality works with your home.

There are lots of wonderful pets out there in need of homes, so take the time to find the one that works for you and your family.